Blue Apron vs Green Chef: comparison and review

Nutrition is the most important physiological need of our body. If you believe the data of the World Health Organization, the life expectancy of an average person and his state of health by 60% are determined by his lifestyle and nutrition. Nowadays, proper nutrition has become easier thanks to home delivery services. You no longer need to think about what to cook or count calories. Companies providing these services will do this for you. Many companies around the world have begun to promote this service. This article will examine two competing companies: Blue Apron vs Green Chef.

Well-known companies like Blue Apron and Green Chef work on the principle of a constructor. You choose the dishes you want to try this week on the official and websites, and the courier brings a set of products and cooking instructions.

All ingredients are already measured according to the recipe, which simplifies the process and allows you to make dinner for the whole family at an average of 30 minutes. Both companies will especially help those people for whom familiar dishes are boring and have become the only option of cooking.

That is, for everyone who today has no inspiration to come up with and look for new recipes, and time for their implementation. Also, these companies will help you save time and money. These sets allow you not to think and not plan a menu for a week in advance.

This means that you do not have to make lists in which you need to take into account the quantity of each product and eliminates the need to go shopping, where you can buy extra products that you will then have to throw out. In appearance, Green Chef and Blue Apron are similar, but if you dig deeper, they are still different from each other. Let’s figure it out.

Comparison of Blue Apron and Green Chef

To make a comparison of Blue Apron and Green Chef, we need to find out a little about them to understand what they are. Both companies are working a lot of time in the delivery area service of meal kits, and they can set a good example for other companies how they should work.

Blue Apron offers its customers recipes from the famous chef with interesting flavors and unusual ingredients, including the fastest best dishes, as well as fantastic Mediterranean dishes. These dishes are delivered in insulated boxes where their freshness is guaranteed.

Blue Apron aims to expand its service and surpass its competitors. It offers recipes approved by Weight Watchers, and the company also includes Beyond Meat products on its menus. They also pay great attention to ecology. She carefully monitors the sustainability of the food distribution and packaging processes. Blue Apron delivery area covers all states in the continental United States.

If we talk about the company Green Chef, this food delivery service offers its customers a variety of nutrition programs, taking into account different diets. Green Chef has a team of food enthusiasts and experts who are always inventing new recipes for healthy and delicious dishes that will surely satisfy any appetite and taste. They offer dishes tailored to all the needs of their customers. Green Chef also offers a simple and flexible ordering process. The delivery area covers most of all states in the continental United States, except Alaska, Hawaii, and a few areas in Louisiana.

After a brief review of Blue Apron and Green Chef, we can begin to compare these companies to find out which one is the undisputed leader.

Blue Apron or Green Chef: which is better?

Meal Options

Based on the concept of a healthy menu, Blue Apron and Green Chef are carefully designed their offer. A balanced menu is offered at both companies, which will help not only bring the weight back to normal but also significantly improve well-being, as well as deliciously and quickly prepare yourself for a gourmet dinner. Thus, when you have to choose between several meal kit delivery services, you should pay attention to this aspect. To decide who is the best in this area, we need to consider the proposed menu options. Let’s do that.

Types of Blue Apron Menus

The best at Blue Apron is a large number of dishes on offer that encompass the tastes and preferences of a large number of people. On the Blue Apron website, you can find a vegetarian, GMO-free, family-friendly, omnivore, hormones-free and gluten-free meal program. With Blue Apron you can be sure that the dishes they offer are made from quality and organic ingredients. Blue Apron says they work closely with farm owners. Thus, the ingredients that the chef of this company uses to cook food are healthy and correspond to the diet you have chosen.

Types of Green Chef Menus

If we talk about the Green Chief company, then the situation is quite clear. The Green Chief meal plan is right for people who follow the following diets: paleo, gluten-free, keto, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, family-friendly and diet with organic food. All Green Chief dishes have the highest quality ingredients. If you want dishes with a high content of vegetables and fruits, then you should choose Green Chief. Thus, it is up to you and your dietary preferences.

The winner in this category is Blue Apron since the options on the proposed menu are not limited to some specific diets and are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Variety of dishes

Blue Apron offers a set of eight different dishes per week if you choose the Classic Plan, and four dishes if you choose the Family Plan. Blue Apron recipes adhere to traditional cuisine and the time you spend getting prepared foods will be about an hour. Thus, it can be noted that cooking food at Blue Apron is more time. Unlike Blue Apron, Green Chef can offer you seven different menus that contain twenty-one recipes. Green Chef uses original recipes and offers some new dishes. All dishes from Green Chef are healthy, nutritious and delicious.

The winner in this dispute is rightly considered Green Chef because Green Chef offers a wider variety of dishes and more in comparison with Blue Apron. But this is not proof of a common victory. Compare these companies further.

Quality of products

Finding ingredients for cooking unusual, but fairly simple dishes in the city is not so easy. And even more so if you want to cook food from high quality and non-GMO foods.

Blue Apron and Green Chef meal kits will also help you with this matter. Both companies use high-quality ingredients because only with their help are they obtained tasty and healthy dishes. Both companies claim that the ingredients they supply are organic and that they are purchased on small farms, each of which grows certain ecological products.

Regardless of what farmers grow, is it meat or vegetables. If we talk about Blue Apron, the company claims that the meat they use in their recipes comes from farms that do not feed animals with hormones and other additives. And if we talk about Green Chef, then this company offers only environmentally-friendly fruits and vegetables. This is what Green Chef is famous for.

The winner in this category is Blue Apron, as well as Green Chef. We cannot single out one company that is a leader in this matter. Both companies supply the best products.

Packaging and environmental impact

Environmental pollution is an urgent problem of our time. If you decide to use the services with the delivery of ready-made food sets, then a lot of garbage will accumulate in a week. Both companies take care of the environment. Blue Apron supplies its products only in environmentally friendly and insulated packaging. In such packaging, you will find ice packs thanks to which all products are kept fresh and do not lose their properties. If you decide to use the services of Green Chef, then you will see that Green Chef is the most environmentally friendly delivery. The company educates its employees about the dangers of food waste. Therefore, the packaging that Green Chef uses is reusable or made from recycled materials.

The winner of this dispute is Green Chef, thanks to its environmental concept. But can it be called the best delivery service? We think that Blue Apron rightfully occupies this honorary title.

Ordering process

The process of ordering dishes at Blue Apron and Green Chef is the same, everything is simple and clear. To place an order you need to go to the official website of these companies, then select the menu you like, then a few more clicks and a minute to fill in the address and phone. After placing your order, you will be called back within a few hours and confirm the order. You can choose the delivery time yourself. It is very convenient.

In this dispute where Green Chef vs Blue Apron there is no single winner. Judging by our experience and customer reviews, both companies are good in this category.

Pricing Policy

When registering on the site, Blue Apron and Green Chef ask customers to take a short survey to determine their overall taste profile. After going through his company can recommend dishes according to your preference. Prices from this selected menu also differ. So for the Family menu for 4 people at Blue Apron, you will pay $ 71. But if you take the same menu from Green Chef, then it will cost you much cheaper and will cost only $ 52. This pricing policy applies and for everything else. But it should be noted that Blue Apron shipping is free, while Green Chef costs $ 9.

The winner in this category is Green Chef, despite the paid delivery it still turns out to be cheaper than Blue Apron.

Customer Support

In the modern world, anything can happen and we need to be able to adjust our plans. Blue Apron and Green Chef help their customers with any problem during the day. If you need to adjust your plan, then you can do it without problems a week before delivery.

Both companies provide such an opportunity. If you do not like the set of food that these companies supply you can ask for a refund. Green Chef and Blue Apron will return your money to you within 7 days. Both companies are friendly to their customers and help to resolve all issues.

The winner of this dispute is Blue Apron, as this company offers the opportunity to have a free trial of their meal set. And the company Green Chef does not have such an opportunity.

Final Verdict

Having conducted a comparative analysis of these companies, we can confidently say that the final victory remains with Blue Apron. This is because it is aimed at different customers and offers interesting options for food sets. And if you evaluate the long-term future of both companies, it is Blue Apron that will flourish in the future. But if we talk about the prices of food sets, then Green Chef has more budget ones, but is it worth it? Only you can choose.

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