Freshology Review

A healthy diet encompasses many things. It is not always about the calories and exclusion of carbs and fats. Having the right balance of all the nutritional components is what makes a diet plan work. There are many delivery services that provide us with an excellent selection of quality meals. With this Freshology review, we will try to uncover all the advantages, benefits and drawbacks of this food delivery service.

While everybody looks for ways to improve their body constitution by implementing sports activities, it is the nutrition that matters the most.

Support: online contact form on the website, phone number

Best for: Busy people

Pricing: From $121.99-$204.59/week 

Weight loss: Not specified

Special offer: $20 off the first four weeks, 15% off first order

Freshology Advantages and Disadvantages

While it is not unusual to order prepared foods, it is the quality of the ingredients that play a huge role. Organic food is known for its beneficial properties for the improvement of all vital systems inside the body.

This is why we get the following pros:

  • An optimized quantity of ingredients in every meal;
  • Welcome gift – 80 USD Off;
  • A plan that’s efficient for weight loss;
  • Premeasured servings that are ready to be heated;
  • No time spent on cooking and no need to count the calories;
  • Freephone consultation with nutrition experts;
  • Personalized meals for every week;
  • All-natural ingredients cooked by chefs in;
  • Flexible delivery options.

As you can see, the Freshology service has a lot of offer (more than 500), but every service with no exceptions has its drawbacks. We have identified them here as well.

These are the cons:

  • You have to talk to your doctor before you decide to change your meal plan altogether or lose weight (for those suffering from chronic diseases);
  • You will notice the results of the diet only in case you follow the Freshology diet plan strictly;
  • You have to pick a plan and pay before choosing your meals;
  • You have to pay additional for the customization of your plan.

How Does It Work?

On the official Freshology website, you will be guided through all the steps needed to receive the delivery of frozen meals that you will have to heat in your microwave oven.

First of all, you will have to select a meal plan for yourself by choosing from the existing options. Every week and every day of the week you will get different meals. You can visualize them by clicking on the “Menus” button.

After you’ve selected your diet plan, you will be asked to proceed to the next steps. These are payment and delivery options.

This service was created for those who want to maintain their health, improve their body constitution, and adjust a meal plan for their own specific needs.

Types of Menus On Freshology

You can find 4 meal options on the official Freshology website. These are:

1. Balance

This nutritional plan has been approved by dieticians and was created for those who would like to lose weight. This diet is low on calories, sodium, carbs, and fats. You will receive the menu including different servings for a 5 weak rotation.

2. Balance – Diabetes

This one is more sophisticated and was created for the prevention of type-2 diabetes, weight loss, and management of the pre-diabetes state. The levels of blood sugar are being controlled here in a natural way.


The lovers of meat, eggs, and dairy products will enjoy this one. By being low on carbs, this diet will help you lose fat and you will savor every meal.

4. Vegetarian

This diet is balanced really well thanks to the additional protein sources coming from eggs, dairy, and some soy.

Real Customer Reviews

So what are real customers have to say about the Freshology food delivery service? We have gathered and analyzed over 50 reviews from various threads and discussions. The main takeaway here was that the food is really delicious even though it is based on a specific diet. There were no complaints regarding delivery and many of the meals on the menu received a lot of praise.

In terms of Freshology food review, meals like Broccoli Rabe, Singaporean Curry, Breakfast Pizza, Fresno Chiles have received positive feedback. However, the salads have received a little bit less praise.

Freshology food review

For most customers, who have been following this dietary plan for over 5 weeks Freshology, it helped them lose weight without any risks for their wellbeing.


The prices on Freshology here depend on the meal plan that you have chosen as well as on the additional possibility to customize your menu. The price of delivery depends on the region and you have to let them know in advance about the best time for the food to be delivered, or else they may choose a time that’s not really convenient.


You can either use the “Help” button to take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact the company directly by sending an email or using the phone number. The experts will make sure to provide you with detailed information on every topic.


It would be worth mentioning that every diet has its drawbacks but the Freshology meal offers enough variety to keep you away from snacks filled with sodium and sugar. By implementing a healthy nutrition plan, you can change your life completely, but this works only if it is done right.

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