Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket

Nowadays, in connection with the changed working and living conditions, the problem of preventing diseases associated with excessive and irrational consumption of food and a sedentary lifestyle.

In this regard, the problem of increasing the nutritional culture is becoming urgent so that the diet meets the energy costs and physiological needs of the body. Therefore, sets of products for instant cooking with home delivery have become a trend in recent years. Accordingly, many companies provide such services.

Today we’ll talk and compare 2 companies: Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket.

Food orders in the form of ingredients, packaged in packages, with step-by-step cooking instructions have replaced for many people restaurants.

These services such as Hello Fresh and Sun Basket are used not only by young families and mothers who do not have time to cook but also by fans of healthy eating and vegans. All companies that provide the box with products, deliver it to the door. Hello Fresh and Sun Basket is no exception. You can order kits with chilled products not only for dinner but also through the proper nutrition system for the whole day, depending on the nutrition plan. Employees of grocery package delivery services note that many citizens do not want to be puzzled every day by what to cook for dinner, but at the same time, they love and know how to cook. Also, a very common problem among office workers is the lack of time for proper, healthy nutrition. Food designers will help to solve this issue.

Review of the Sun Basket vs Hello Fresh box

As mentioned earlier, a large number of companies of this type have appeared in the services market in recent years. The essence of the companies such as Hello Fresh and Sun Basket that deliver ready-made food boxes with recipes is almost the same. Their activity is simple: instead of shopping every day and picking up heavy food baskets, the courier by the Hello Fresh or Sun Basket brings you a beautiful cardboard box with the necessary settings for every day. All ingredients are laid out in separate zip bags or vacuum and divided by the days of the week: on Wednesday it is chicken with spinach and spices, on Thursday it is a risotto with salmon and parmesan, and on Friday it is veal cutlets with pasta. Each dish is accompanied by step-by-step cooking instructions, sometimes with pictures. But still, there is a difference between the companies. Therefore, it is necessary to consider those meal kits from Sun Basket and Hello Fresh companies.

Sun Basket is a food delivery service for cooking dishes with original recipes that will suit absolutely all people with any type of nutrition. And also SunBasket has a convenient form of delivery and payment, quality control and only proven ingredients. Simple, fast, delicious! If to talk about the Sun Basket review of the boxes, then first you need to familiarize yourself with the nutrition plan that Sun Basket company provides. This can be done online on the Sun Basket website or in the mobile application of Sun Basket company.


On the website, you can choose a menu of two categories of dishes: “family” and “classic” or create a set yourself. If you have questions you can contact customer support and employees of the company will help you to resolve your problem.

The family version has simpler foods and hearty dishes, in the second category there are traditional dishes, but with exotic ingredients and unusual recipes.

Food Options

Speaking about the food options provided, the Sun Basket company offers the following:

  • family;
  • vegetarian;
  • low-calorie;
  • organic;
  • gluten-free;
  • allergen-friendly;
  • piscatorial;
  • carb-free.

Having decided on the food option and choosing the dishes you like, the couriers of the Sun Basket company will be happy to deliver your box at the time indicated by you to your door. All products from the Sun Basket meal kit are signed and packaged in special packages, some designed for storage in the refrigerator, others for the freezer. Leading local manufacturers, as well as reliable stable companies with many years of experience in agricultural and restaurant activities, were selected as partners.

HelloFresh Menu

“Hello Fresh” service delivers balanced meal sets for families who like healthy and tasty food and value their time. Recipes at Hello Fresh are developed by professional chefs with experts in healthy eating. You no longer need to go to hypermarkets in search of ingredients, puzzle what is interesting to cook for dinner, stand in lines and traffic jams.

The service Hello Fresh takes all this work upon itself, you just have to enjoy the cooking process. And if we talk about Hello Fresh review, then we can find inside the meal kit high-quality and fresh ingredients to your dish, and also exquisite recipes from world chefs with step-by-step recipes.

Food Options

Hello Fresh thinks about its customers and therefore has developed various types of meals that cover all the gastronomic preferences of customers. Such as:

  • omnivore;
  • vegan;
  • dairy-free;
  • seafood;
  • kid-friendly;
  • organic;
  • diabetes-friendly;
  • allergen-friendly.

Hello Fresh meals are divided into three meal plans, such as family, veggie, and classic. Each set of the Hello Fresh meal kits includes ingredients for 2, 3, 4 or 5 dinners, laid out in packages for each day of the week. All fish, meat and dairy products are vacuum-packed with a veterinary certificate number and date of packaging. Vegetables are peeled and tightly packed, spices and cereals are hung up in the right amount. Each dinner that offered by Hello Fresh is accompanied by a detailed recipe with a step-by-step description of cooking and with an accurate calculation of calories.

Sun Basket or Hello Fresh: Which is better?

Having learned Sun Basket and Hello Fresh companies a little better, you can already give preference to any of them. But you should also consider the prices of each set at Sun Basket and Hello Fresh companies, as well as find out the cost of delivering the meal kit of food to your home. If you take the Sun Basket prices, then one lunch for two people with a classic menu plan will cost you $ 11.50. A family menu plan from Sun Basket will cost a little cheaper and one lunch for two people will be $ 10. Delivery from the Sun Basket company is paid and is not included in the price of the box. For each delivery, you will have to pay $ 6. 

If we talk about Hello Fresh prices, then they are slightly cheaper than the Sun Basket. So for one dinner from Hello Fresh for two people with any menu plan, you will pay an average of $ 9. The only thing the price of Hello Fresh company depends on is the number of people and the frequency of ordering dishes. The more you order, the cheaper your box comes out. Delivery by the Hello Fresh also depends on the number of dishes ordered, but mostly it is free.

At first glance, both companies are similar to each other and their advantages are obvious:

  1. Saving time is the main argument for a resident of a metropolis.
  2. All ingredients are washed, cleaned and weighed down to grams, sauces are ready.
  3. Cooking takes from 15 to 30 minutes (for the most difficult dishes – 40 minutes) at home.

There are also pitfalls. For example, although the buyer can choose a menu and change some dishes, he needs to do this until a certain time. Sometimes during the week, the ingredients of the dishes can be repeated, because of this, the very variety in food is lost. But, if compare Sun Basket and Hello Fresh, then we can say for sure that their products correspond to the price-quality ratio. And at the rest, they are similar, as mentioned earlier. Only due to the variety of menus for those people who keep a certain diet, can we say that Sun Basket won this dispute.

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