Sun Basket vs Blue Apron

The so-called boxed services, which relieve consumers of the need to go shopping, are becoming more and more in demand today. Now you no longer need to puzzle over what to cook for dinner today. You do not need to spend time shopping and finding the right ingredients. You do not need to overpay for products that you then throw. The delivery services of meal kit boxes will solve all these problems for you. In this article, we will look at 2 popular services, such as Sun Basket vs Blue Apron, and decide which one is better.

Companies such as Sun Basket and Blue Apron offer their customers a wide selection of unique, healthy and delicious recipes week after week, helping you to get rid of the uniformity in food and raise your level in cooking. It will also help to span your family, improve the quality of food you eat, and also save time and money.

Blue Apron has become very popular lately. Blue Apron has attracted many customers with its approach to business and such options of favorite dishes that are suitable for everyone. Sun Basket, in turn, also does not lag in popularity. Sun Basket offers its customers organic products with unusual recipes for every day. The question is, who is better? There is no doubt that both of these leading food delivery companies have something to offer. To find out who can win the Blue Apron or Sun Basket dispute, you should consider what differences they have when it comes to ingredients, value for money, food choices, environmental impact, and flexibility. Blue Apron vs Sun Basket, let’s know which is better.

Comparison of Blue Apron and Sun Basket

To begin comparing Sun Basket and Blue Apron, we need to at least familiarize ourselves with each of these services. And so if we talk about the Sun Basket, we must immediately note that this food delivery service offers its customers only healthy, non-GMO and organic food. Sun Basket always makes sure that their ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, and their best chefs have developed delicious dishes especially for you. They deliver food to your home once a week. Sun Basket delivery area covers 47 states in the continental United States. On the other hand, we have Blue Apron which offers its customers recipes from the chef. These recipes include quick dinners, popular dishes, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Blue Apron services are made from scratch and emphasize a sense of accomplishment from self-cooking of delicious food. Blue Apron allows customers to add their details, helping to create the best nutritional system. Your chosen dishes are delivered in an insulated box, where the freshness of all ingredients is guaranteed. Blue Apron delivery area covers all states in the continental United States.

Now that we’ve got a little familiar with the companies, we can do a comparison of Blue Apron and Sun Basket.

Blue Apron or Sun Basket: which is better?

  1. Meal Options

Why did we suddenly decide to use the food delivery service? Because we want to eat right and eat wholesome and healthy food every day. That’s why the first thing we’re going to consider is the nutrition options that the Sun Basket and Blue Apron offer.

Types of Blue Apron Menus

Blue Apron offers its customers a menu program that contains a variety of diet options or just a healthy diet. For example, you can find a vegetarian, GMO-free, family-friendly, gluten-free, omnivore and hormones-free nutrition program. If we talk about meal plans then Blue Apron offers to its customers a variety of dishes, depending on how many people you want to make an order. If you order for 2 people, the Blue Apron offers you 8 options for dishes in a classic theme. And if you order a family option, the Blue Apron will offer you to choose from 6 dishes. In all of these options, you can find pure vegetarian dishes, well-known and familiar dishes for all family members and those dishes where the number of calories is minimal.

Types of Sun Basket Menus

Sun Basket offers its customers a menu program that also contains various diet options or just a healthy diet. The following nutrition programs can be found at Sun Basket: for families, paleo, low-carb, low-fat, organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free meal. Sun Basket has an impressive offer if you choose their Classic Food Package, you get 18 different dishes every week. Besides, their offer is much more diverse and exotic than the offer of their competitors. This is actually what sets Sun Basket apart from its competitors in the food delivery market. All of these dishes also have some unique spices and aromas, so you won’t be able to try something like that anywhere else.

In this area, the Sun Basket wins, just because this company has a more diverse offer.

  • Variety of dishes

As mentioned earlier with Blue Apron, depending on your plan, you can choose 6 food options or 4 in one week. And the company Sun Basket offers 18 food options from the classic menu or 6 options from the family menu. Both companies strive to make the proposed recipes clear and simple.

The Sun Basket again wins in this area, as this company offers more recipes and more unique dishes at the same time with a minimum investment in cooking time.

  • Quality of products

Quality products are the key to a successful and tasty dinner. Therefore, Blue Apron and Sun Basket are trying to collect and deliver the best and freshest products to you. Blue Apron has partnered with numerous regular food suppliers and farmers to ensure that their customers receive only the best ingredients. This includes hormone-free meats and non-GMO vegetables. Sun Basket works on the same principle, only it still has documentary evidence of these words. The company works diligently to ensure that all products they supply are checked by the competent authorities and certified. The Sun Basket has a recommendation from the renowned seafood organization Sea Watch. Sun Basket also has a strict non-GMO policy.

In this dispute, the Sun Basket wins, because not only in words but in practice it proves the high quality of its products.

  • Packaging and environmental impact

The environmental issue and the issue of environmental pollution are acute in recent years. Therefore, this aspect is also very important. Blue Apron always pays attention to convenience, good organization and the best delivery of its delicious recipes and food sets. They supply meal kits that are insulated and eco-friendly at the same time. Your ingredients will always be fresh when this meal kit is delivered to you. And the whole secret is that your products are surrounded by environmental packages, which include ice packs. The packaging itself can well be recycled and does not pollute the environment. Speaking of Sun Basket, we can say that they pack your kits in recycled packaging, which does not further pollute the environment. All products are also delivered with reusable ice packs, which help keep your food fresh. But the delivery of such a box is paid.

And in this competition, Blue Apron is the best delivery service and wins, as it is this company that cares more about the environment and invests in improving the environmental situation.

  • Ordering process

Based on people’s reviews, the order process is just as important. Nowadays, it is important to quickly and easily use the food delivery service. On the official website of Blue Apron and Sun Basket, you can quickly choose the menu that suits you and subscribe.

Based on the foregoing, there are no winners in this matter, both companies are good.

  • Pricing Policy

Both Blue Apron and Sun Basket companies are committed to the policy that more is the better. Accordingly, the more servings per week you order, the more you save. But if you include the cost of delivery in the total price, then the Sun Basket is more expensive than Blue Apron.

The winner in this dispute is Blue Apron, as the price drops when ordering from 3 servings per week, and delivery remains free.

  • Customer Support

Anything can happen in our life, so you need to be sure that you can correct your order at any time or refuse the service altogether. With Blue Apron you can always cancel your order or transfer it to another day without problems and penalties. Also at any time, you can refuse services and for this, you do not need to wait for confirmation from the company. Sun Basket has the same conditions, but if we talk about nutrition plans, here the company provides more opportunities to replace any ingredients that for some reason do not suit you.

Sun Basket wins in this matter only because this company provides more options for editing diets for the client. But in general, concerning canceling an order or freezing your profile, both companies behave respectfully and friendly.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we want to say that after a review of Blue Apron and Sun Basket companies it is difficult to identify a clear leader. Both companies offer excellent food boxes that make the process of prepared foods a pleasure. If you have never ordered such food boxes, then you should start with Blue Apron. After all, it offers more familiar dishes and moreover it is more economical. But if you want to eat interesting and exciting dishes every day, as well as enjoy your time in the kitchen, then you should choose the Sun Basket.

The winner of our dispute is the company Sun Basket due to the wide variety of dishes provided, unique recipes, the ability to change dishes to your taste, as well as due to organic products. Sun Basket is convenient for both inexperienced cooks and experienced chefs.

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